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A box of cherries

Our harvest team work daily to get the finest and freshest cherries on their way to market each day. Picking starts at first light and the fruit is taken immediately to the cold storage and packing house, located right on the orchard. The cherries are then hand sorted, with each cherry checked for firmness and essential quality characteristics. The fruit is immediately hydro-cooled down to optimum temperature to ensure the quality is maintained all the way to market and long after it is sold. The fruit is then sized, given one more quality control inspection, and packed for shipment to market or international airport terminal, if destined for one of the 19 countries we ship to. 

Dendy Orchards is proud to be GlobalGAP certified, giving buyers and consumers assurance that our fruit - and all aspects of our production and packing practices - meet stringent standards for food safety, environment, conservation, and labour practices. We are also certified under the BC Environmental Farm Plan, and winner of a conservation award for innovation in introducing falconry for environmentally friendly control of birds.

Our Varieties

The summer provides a sequence of fine new sweet red varieties. We also have limited production of fragile (but spectacular!) yellow blush cherreis, including Rajahs.  We are constantly testing new varieties to make sure we can offer the best possible fruit at all times.

We grow all the latest varieties developed by the Canadian research program at PARC in Summerland, BC, and harvest cherries all summer long, starting in early July, and continuing until late in August, in the following order:

July August
Week 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
Sonnet cherry cherry
Sylvia cherry cherry
Raja cherry
Lapin cherry cherry cherry
Sweetheart cherry cherry
Staccato cherry cherry
Sovereign cherry cherry