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cherry   Our Roots

Image of the 1916 harvest

The 1916 harvest
We have been growing cherries on our orchard in East Kelowna since 1903, when W.R. Pooley and his wife, Gertie, first settled in the Okanagan Valley. The Dendy family settled here soon after and farmed nearby, and the third generations united to take over the current orchard in 1973. The farm has survived the two world wars, the Great Depression, and various natural disasters of freezes, droughts, and hail.

Horticultural knowledge and new science and technology have transformed production since the days of horse-drawn implements and wagons, and of ditch irrigation with water brought in through wood-stave flumes from the mountains.

Image of Gertie Pooley hauling cherries with her family in 1915

Gertie Pooley hauling cherries
with her family in 1915






The Farm Today

It is still the same family farm, but now we use water-conserving micro-jet sprinklers, efficient tractors and implements, integrated pest management with 'soft' (non-pesticide) technologies or minimal use of chemicals, environmentally sustainable farm practices, and annual investment in research and improvements to produce the very best cherries for today's discerning markets.

Since 2004 we have employed falconers - using special hybrid falcons to quietly and safely protect the fruit by chasing starlings and other destructive birds away.